For the last 300 years, the dining and discussion club has been a distinctive part of social life in Edinburgh. In the eighteenth century, the Select Society brought together David Hume, Adam Smith and other leading figures of the Scottish Enlightenment. In the nineteenth century, the Evening Club had Lord Kelvin, Robert Louis Stevenson, James Clerk Maxwell and William Robertson Smith among its celebrated members.

Before the end of the twentieth century, the Tuesday Club was formed for the same purpose of stimulating robust but informed debate in the congenial setting of members at dinner round one big table. The club is still going strong in the third decade of the twenty first century and we are always looking for new members to add to our high spirits and intellectual zest

Our members are mainly busy professional people who, once in the month, leave their routine behind to encounter challenging topics in good company. They join us from business, politics, academia, the media and public service. Our guest speakers are equally varied. We have welcomed all the First Ministers of Scotland, several university principals, some of the richest Scots and others who can speak for the poorest.

If you think the Tuesday Club could be for you, let the Secretary know in the first instance and we will provide further details.

Signed: The Committee (2019)

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